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Hello! Long time fan of bowling and the forum here

I posted a clip of my bowling from the 2004 ABC Tournament in Reno entitled "Worst break in bowling history" (it really isn't, but it's a bad one, lol).

Here's the link:

It's a riot seeing the comments people have made. Some people I don't think have a clue and if you want some entertainment, watch the video and read the comments or feel free to post your own.

As a side note, that year they used Twister pins (for anyone familiar with those, you know what I am talking about!)


I love older bowling shows - hopefully we can make some trades and add to each other's collections! :)

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goes to show how you label a clip = a lot of hits

69,000 plus .... not bad at all

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my fav was on the comments a guy said " thats not a bad break thats a bad ball" or somehting i say that all the time but not outloud

lefty's #1 rule we get the smooth part of the lane =)

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