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I just curious. Youth League as present now 2 persons team than 4 persons team from past YABA. 

Why decrease into 2 persons team on Youth league? Coz of mobile phone or something like that? 

Khun Paul

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My guess would be not enough bowler to have 4 person teams.Just why most
leagues are now 4 person teams

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Most parents and kids are too lazy to play any sports.  Committing to a sport takes time and energy.  You want to play baseball, football, hockey, basketball or even bowling you need to practice a lot.  That is why they push soccer so much it isn't hard to the casual fan to think they know what they are doing.  Just a bunch of kids running around kicking a ball.  Low risk of getting hurt.  Insurance cost are lower.  Get two kids who can play and a bunch to fill the rest of the field.

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