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 I was born in Sandusky Ohio, raised in Port Clinton Ohio, and lived in the Columbus Ohio metro area for nearly a decade after I graduated from college..........

I am old now...I've lived in Kansas City for 20 years as of this december... it's still all about college football for me.  Go bucks!

The best part about living in "Little 12" country, is knowing that if I want to play golf on a fall saturday.......nobody cares what Ohio State is I can DVR it and the result isn't ruined.


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I ran cross country in high school and college. After college for several years I continued running in road races. Mostly 10ks and marathons. I became Road Runner several places. I don't run much anymore, but I still like the name.

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I joined an online car forum for El Caminos in 2003. My car is a 1969 Chevy El Camino. "El Camino" in Spanish means "the highway"... 69 El Camino = Highway 69!

The "El Camino Real" (The King's Highway) is a historic State highway in California once stretching from San Diego to San Francisco, it was built to connect all the early Spanish missions.

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I chose my username for this forum to match my YouTube account. I selected "Irishpogi" because my last name is McLaughlin and "pogi" means "handsome" in Tagalog, the official language used in the Philippines.

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TCJ is just an old user name shortened to three letters because I'm lazy.
Highs: Series (Sanc.): 794 | Game (Sanc.): 290/257 (LH) | Game (Unsanc.): 300 | Game Sport: 263 Averages: High (RH): 211 | High (LH): 175 | Sport: 166 (56) | Shark(8): 149 | Scorpion(8): 184 | Chameleon(12): 170 | Viper(12): 169 | Cheetah(12): 160 | US Open(3): 175 ___________________________

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I lived in San Francisco for a time and enjoyed hiking on Mt. Tamalpais known to locals as Mt. Tam.  Hiking is akin to trooping thus Tamtrooper.

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