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What's up, guys? I just joined! 😃

I am just curious if anyone here is following a diet like vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto, low-carb-high-fat, non-glutten, etc.?

If yes, why do you do it and how it has affected your performance in bowling? 

Thank you and let's be friends! xx


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Five years ago, I topped out at 240 pounds.  I went on a no carb, high protein diet (similar to Atkins), and stopped drinking 80 oz of regular coke a day.  I eventually got down to 190, and currently at about 200.   I went on this diet to lose weight, and ever since, I've felt the best I have in a long time.  

How has it affected my bowling?  Before, when I practiced, I was basically out of breath and fatigued by the 3rd game.  Now, I can practice 8 games, and not feel any loss of energy.  This has also helped the ability to bowl tournaments and not get tired by the 6th game.  

What is your story?

Thanks for joining and welcome to the forum!

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Ted Bell thinks going to the gym and getting stronger helped him complete at his highest level at the US Open tournament.   
I am Ted Bell and Ted Bell likes the PBA.
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