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I'm not sure how many of you have heard of this system, but it is freaking cool. I saw it mentioned a few times on PBA's Xtra Frame and decided to check it out. Basically, once X Bowling is installed in a bowling center, every one of their lanes' scores is viewable live, from anywhere in the world, over the internet. The PBA made mention of it alot in case your favorite pro wasn't on their camera feed and you still wanted to see how they were doing. It's not just pro events though, you can pull up an X Bowling center and watch scores at any time.

I showed it to a friend of mine while we were talking over Skype, and we ended up doing impromptu commentary on a "match" between "Biff" and "Zazz" at some center out in California (Biff won 93-75) . I think it's pretty cool how technology has brought us to a point where two people in different parts of the world can do live commentary together on an event in a third part of the world, over the internet.

Anyway, a week or so ago, some guy came through the center I work at and installed the X Bowling system, which surprised the heck out of me because I thought it was something that corporate would never agree to do.

You can look up equipped centers and watch scores live on their website here:

Mt center is this one:

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I didn't notice this before, but apparently it also has a mobile app that asks you what center you're bowling in, what lane you're on and what name you put in the scoring system and it will track your games and stats automatically. There's even apparently a way of bowling virtual head-to-head matches against other users using your live scores.

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I watched the X-bowling college national bowling championships on TV...good stuff.   I suppose this was the title sponsor?  

Heck yes.......two centers Colby and I frequent are X Bowling enabled!!!!!
Strike-N-Spare Lanes and Strikerz!!! Missouri, only 4 centers in the entire state are listed, and we bowl regularly at 2 of them.............LOL

I found an active game at Strikerz........LOL States/administrativeArea/Missouri/venue/4939/venueName/Strikerz Entertainment Center/lane/13

After looking at this for a short while......only current games in progress are shown.   It would be nice if games are archived at least 6-12hrs so bowlers can search and retrieve scores after bowling.   As soon as the game is's gone.  I don't see the point if it's only current games in progress.  

I suppose if you use the mobile has value.   

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