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Hey all,
So I have been bowling a lot 3 times a week. I’m fairly new, but I have been able to up my average and been consistent. When I go, I try not to go more than three games. Well lately I have noticed pain in my wrist. I have a feeling it’s from an inconsistent wrist position (both cupped and side to side angle). I am wondering if wearing a wrist brace will help build wrist strength, and eliminate pain?

If so will it negatively impact my hook, speed, and overall performance? Thanks guys

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There are many devices available today.  Some are meant to lock your wrist into a particular position, i.e. straight, cupped, turned at a specific angle, broken back....  There are wrist straps which only help stabilize your wrist and lessen the strain on your tendons and ligaments.  Without knowing your age, bowling style, weight of ball, etc it would be hard to guess what you might benefit from.  I understand that wearing a wrist brace actually weakens your wrist if you always use one.  How about doing curls with your wrist and a light weight to strengthen your wrist and possibly use a wrist wrap (similar to an elbow wrap but without the bubble inside) to help you not get sore in the first place?
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Many bowlers use a support of some kind. A support will not help build wrist strength, only exercise will do that. A support is good for limiting wrist movement.

Wrist pain often means you are doing something that is damaging the wrist, and you need to stop doing that. In my younger days I had a very "wristy" delivery. This came from trying to make plastic and rubber balls hook, and there was nobody around then to teach me a "correct" way to do this. I was learning by trial and error, and came up with something that produced the hook I wanted. I also suffered from occasional wrist pain, and had to "back off' when my wrist was giving me trouble. My wrist issues got worse as I got older, and I had to continually modify my release in order to keep bowling. Today if I try to duplicate what I used to do the result is immediate pain.

Most of my issues, I believe, grew from attempting to combine lift and spin and loft. That seemed to give me the right shape, with a strong back end, with the equipment available before reactives. But that brief moment when my fingers were at the side of the ball while lifting the weight of the ball upward put LOTS of stress on my wrist, and it is completely unneeded in the modern game.

My first recommendation is to take a lesson from a coach in your area. Preferably someone who can give you a video of what you are currently doing and a list of things to work on. One session with a really good coach  may seem expensive, but it will point you in the right direction and give you plenty to work on.

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So wrist curls with palm down, then palm up and lastly palm to the side. Start with very light weight, say 3#. If you can compete a couple sets of each positron move up to 5#... while your at it work the opposing wrist.

One lesson will be much cheaper than new shoes or bowling ball; and much cheaper than doctors office or specialist.

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What I have found to solve post bowling pain in the hand and wrist is to ice down my hand and wrist for at least a hour after I get home from bowling. This has really helped relive hand and wrist pain for me. Hope this helps.

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Repetitive injuries do happen. However, new bowlers should not be experiencing this issue in general. Age, strength, amount of bowling... could be factors.

Yes, injuries will affect your performance.

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do you have a stretched out grip?  They used to drill balls that way and I had to stop bowling because of a wrist injury.  I started again 7 years later and was having the same issue, a pro shop guy drilled a shorter span and the problem went away.
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