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Originally Posted by Fordman
I am sure glad I am in great shape.  I feel better now than I did when I was 70.  With 4 shots a day and half a dozen pills along with a bionic knee brace I am in great shape. 

Shots of what, bourbon, scotch, tequila......

Old bowlers never die, they just fade away.

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I'm a bowling mechanic, and do a lot with my hands and arms (turning wrenches and drivers, lifting boxes, pushing pulling and picking up the lane machine), so my wrist is definitely buggered. 


But two accidents were what really did me in. One was riding a kick scooter down a steep hill when I was in seventh grade. Hit a steel plate in the road and landed on my right side. Broken ring finger and stitches in my hand, face and side from getting cut up. The second accident was while working on a machine, a bowler threw a ball right into the masking unit support. The sound scared the hell out of me and I jumped. Bad thing was, I jumped the wrong way and fell off the accelerator box on a GS machine, straight to the floor. Caught myself with my right hand, only to have my entire body weight fall right onto my inverted wrist. Severe sprain (doctor thought I had to have broken SOMETHING, but I was lucky)


I'm trying to build the strength in my wrist back up, but right now, my saving grace was the Sarge Easter grip. That did two things. One, it took all the pressure off my ring finger which means less pain and two, it changed my roll. I was a borderline full roller, with my initial track clipping my thumbhole. Now I have a little bit of tilt, and can be a little more dynamic with my release. 


Might be worth a shot to get your pitches checked. You might need more away pitch in your fingers to help the ball sit in your palm more

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