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Originally Posted by thiswilldo
Some centres here in the UK are converting from freefall to pins on strings to cut costs. Proprietors here think the game is more of a beer and skittles outlet. Also allowing out door shoes to be worn. It’s caused a few people to give up the game. It’s worth saying also that the national governing body here has lumped pins on strings alongside freefall using the same rules !

Bowling is a great sport that doesn't need any gimmicks. I wish people
would leave their ideas at improving the game at home

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Unfortunately, some of these owners, and I think it is more corporate places, feel the need to come up with gimmicks.  The string bowling is absolutely idiotic.  I would never bowl in a place that has that.  But of course, they are not catering to the regular league/tournament bowlers!

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If a center has or converts to string pinsetters, they won't ever see me.

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