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So I hear allot of people complain about the USBC. I am wondering what they did wrong or why people do not like them?


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That's a question that will open up a big can of worms.

I think people take issue with the USBC for a variety of reasons.  For me personally, my experience with them suggests they are an organization that ultimately is happy to take our money but in reality doesn't give a damn about the bowlers.

I say this as the secretary of a league that had a major issue with the USBC a few years back.  Our league bowls in a center with old wood lanes that were, at the time, being oiled by hand.  Needless to say the shot there was very challenging (just ask mrbowling300!) so our averages were appreciably lower there than what we were averaging in our leagues at other, more  "modern" centers.    The USBC passed a new rule and decided that due to these average differences, our league was to be rerated as a sport shot league and that if any of us were to bowl in a tournament, our averages would be adjusted accordingly.  For example, my average in our league was 205.  If I were to bowl in a tournament, my average would be readjusted to something like 230.

We are not a league full of high average bowlers but are a league with a wide range of skills.  Averages range from 120 to 220. 

Needless to say we were not happy with the situation so as league secretary I wrote several letters to the USBC, explaining the conditions at our little mom-n-pop 8-lane center were USBC certified but by their very nature would lead to some of us having lower averages.  The USBC *could* have responded by acknowledging the legitimacy of our situation, explaining the reasoning behind their new rule, and perhaps working with the center's owner and the bowling industry to get our center the equipment they needed to bring our lane conditions more in line with today's modern game.  They instead chose to respond by treating us like a bunch of cheating criminals.  The gist of their response was "USBC rule 200.x states this about average differences, our numbers state that your average difference is this, prove us wrong".

So to say our league wasn't happy with how were were treated by the standards organization that takes our money and supposedly is looking out for us would be a gross understatement.  Ultimately our center's owner had no choice but to buy a used oiling machine from another local center with money he didn't have just to keep his center open.  The USBC didn't help him out at all in this regard.  Based SOLELY on the fact that a machine had been purchased, the USBC allowed our league to keep its "standard league" rating...first they try to punish us with one of their rules, then bend that very same rule when they feel like it.

So yeah, there's NO love for the USBC in my league.  The only reason we've kept sanctioning was that a handful of bowlers want to bowl in tournaments and need a book average to do so.  With everything going on in the world right now the chances of there being tournaments next season is in doubt, so I would say our sanctioning this upcoming season is in doubt as well.


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Buying a USBC card for most bowlers is like buying
gas if you don't have a doesn't do much good

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My major beef with them is they are like dirty cops, dirty judges, child abusing Holy Men and dirty immoral politicians all wrapped up as one.
In ancient times 1940-1980’s if your league had a problem with the rules the local ABC rep would come to your league meeting to help interpret the rules. Not so hard because you broke a rule or you did not.
They didn’t misquote the rules or change them after the fact.
A league I bowled in for quite a while had a Secretary that kept tabs on the rules, dues were paid and some members were actually expelled for gross infractions.
That changed when the league moved to another center . This league was said to have the largest prize fund in the Country. The ABC brass boasted about it in the Bowlers Journal.
A team broke a rule. No gray areas, the rule was like black and white. The man listed as league president no longer bowled in the league. When informed of the situation he had no idea of his supposed office. The other officers refused to do anything . The Reps at the Association office refused to be involved. (Were they afraid of the Proprietor that bowled in the league? Who knows)
A letter was sent to ABC headquarters explaining the situation. They replied that the infractions were obvious , we were ordered to hold a meeting and that they would immediately put a hold on the prize fund since the league had only about 5 weeks left.
They replied again saying that perhaps the rule was not broken because maybe a team member could have missed bowling because that’s acceptable in cases like being snowed in because of bad weather, (really did). Wrote back , no not possible to have anything to do with this Rule Infraction and it had not snowed in Los Angeles since1948, 1/2 inch , melted before lunch time. These scumbags wrote back several more times reciting several other rules that had no interpretation remotely close to the rule that was broken and flatly refused to take any action. They were made aware that an almost identical case was ruled In favor of said rule by them earlier in that season in a neighboring association. So the Prize fund was paid with no regard for any broken rules (partial payment was initiated 2 weeks before league finals to deflect any interference by the ABC) although that was not likely because what was likely is that they were compliant in the sordid matter.
Could it have been because the proprietor bowled in the league? Who knows . Because he controlled every aspect of the league? Threatened pulling all sanctioning from the center ? ?? He did have a monetary interest in the offending team .

The last rule that ABC/USBC made to defend bowling’s integrity was in 1975. They outlawed the “Soaker” and made A hardness rule. Every rule change since has been made to sell out integrity in exchange for manufacturers profits. And doing so while watching 80% of our bowlers (not just people who bowl) walk away.
Look no farther than the latest brain trust’s change.
No weight hole - fine.
3. OZ. Imbalance on any or all sides of the ball.
3 OZ on top , 1 OZ on 2 sides had an appreciative effect on a rubber ball being used on lacquer lanes
@ 1/ 50 th or less the friction of today’s hook monster balls used on the high friction lanes.

Today’s easier falling pins are already defenseless against today’s chemical assistance given to modern balls and now they are given more help from Physics with the 3 OZ on each side of the ball . A ball can literally be kicked down the lane and have more power potential than was ever intended for the honesty and integrity of this game.
Other than all that ......
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