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With Norm Duke on another tv telecast for the US Open, I thought I'd share why I've been a Norm Duke fan for many many years.

1.) Norm keeps the game simple.  He doesn't throw killer revs on a bowling ball, and never did.  He has amazing balance at the foul line, something every good bowler needs to have if they're ever going to repeat shots.  Norm just has good fundamentals.

2.) Norm is versatile.  I think he is still the only one who will throw the same ball for strikes and spares.  If that has changed its only very recently he did so because the announcers always made certain to mention he didn't switch to a plastic ball for even the 10 pin.  Moreover, he also can throw straight up 10, or hook the ball, though he prefers the straight game.  I hate throwing huge hooks and covering many boards too, so I definitely like watching him play his "A" game of throwing it straight.

3.) Norm is a fan favorite.  I've never met him personally, but I've heard great things about Norm being a fan favorite and personable.  This is unlike other pros that seem to give cold shoulders to fans, or seem to have chips on their shoulders because they are pros.

So there!  Hopefully other fans of Norm will come and chime in. [smile]

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I crossed with Duke in the Masters about 15 years ago.  The guy can really play.   It was great having another straight guy on the pair as we were adjusting off each other.  Also, he stays more focused than just about any other top player I have ever been around. 

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I am also a big Duke fan.  I just wish I could sleep in a 3 ball roller bag.  [biggrin]
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