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All the usual suspects survived the Qualifying Round on Saturday of the Brunswick Zone Roswell annual “Tournament of Champions” for its junior bowlers. But there were some stunning upsets in Round Two, as some of the pre-tournament favorites failed to advance to Sunday’s Championship Round.

Who will emerge victorious?

Will it be one of the young two-handers? There are two (Will and Lain) in the 12 and Under Division, with one (Will) playing the big hook, while the other (Lain) played a fairly straight controlled shot all day on Saturday. Will we see an all-Sepeda semi-final in the 12 and Under Division? Will the Hendricks kids both reign supreme in their respective divisions and lay claim to a Hendricks dynasty? Will the best female junior bowler in the house, Megan Thorncroft, win all four matches to run the stepladder in the 13 and Over Division? Will it be Michael Hendricks, who secured the top spot in the 13 and Over Division with a stunning 268 in his final game of Round Two, who finishes the job? Or will one of the more unheralded dark horses get a hot hand and run the table? In a 100% handicap match game stepladder format, anything can happen.

It’s Championship Sunday at Brunswick Zone Roswell.


Honestly, this is the kind of stuff I've been up to lately with the junior bowlers.  As a coach, I enjoy working with the kids to help them get better.  But mostly, it's about making the bowling experience better -- better for the kids, better for the parents, and better for anyone who comes in contact with our junior program.  Somebody's got to stir up some excitement.

So I was thrilled when I found out about this annual tournament we do to cap off each season. And of course we also get the kids who are interested ready to bowl in Junior Gold and Pepsi tournaments, as well has a few other tournaments that pop up in the area.

One of the other little projects I've been working on (well, it's not a "little" project at all, as it's taken up quite a few hours of my time in recent weeks) is preparing "baseball cards" (I prefer referring to them as "trading cards") for the kids.  Each kid in our junior program will get a packet of six cards of themselves at the end-of-season awards presentation and pizza party following the stepladder finals on Sunday.  I took all the photographs of all the kids -- one "action shot" for the front of the trading card, and one "portrait" for the back to appear with their "stats."  The graphic work (except for the Brunswick Zone logo, of course) and design layout is all mine.  I pretty much did everything from beginning to end on these things.  (And yes, the coaches are getting them, too.)  Funny, but I've even had some grown-ups come up to me and ask what I'd charge to do one for them.  LOL!  I think these turned out pretty good.  And I hope the kids (and their parents) get a kick out of them when we give them out later today.  You're getting a sneak peak at a few of them.  I've pixelated their names and blurred out their faces for public consumption.








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Well, the results are in, and it was an exciting Championship Round.  In the 12 and Under Division, our tournament leader claimed top honors in a nail-biter, escaping with a narrow 2-pin victory despite leaving the 7-10 split in the 10th frame.  Meanwhile, in the 13 and Over Division, our number 3 seed climbed the stepladder and pulled off a big upset, defeating two bowlers along the way with much higher averages to claim the title.

We had quite an audience of interested parents and spectators, and a good time was had by all.

Here are the final results.  Congratulations to our winners:



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what a great uplifting experience for these kids.  This is the future of our sport!

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Fantastic graphic, super neat for the kids, great job!

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Looks like fun!!!  

Colby might want a piece of that action, but I think he'd prefer to bowl scratch!! [smile]

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That's great stuff, Randy!
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