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Lol lol, for me the hilarious true story I have to tell I witnessed as a spectator watching the PBA Tour stop back in my hometown Buffalo, NY back in 1982 at age 16.  Todd Strebel was bowling on the same pair with John Kirker and he always had a bad reputation for shooting his mouth off, especially to people 3 times his size lol.  They had both made the cut to cash and were qualifying to make the cut for the top 24. Todd loved the now gone Thruway Lanes near Buffalo, because he made the tv finals there in 1977 or 78. This particular for his own little "little man syndrome reasons" being 5-9 and only weighing a buck 25, he felt the need to start verbally bashing and angrily trying to defame John Kirker. John is about 6-1 and at least 225. He's a good man and great bowler, who respected everyone but, he's not a pushover.   John ignored him and after about the 6th frame finally told him to grow up lol.  Harry "Goose" Golden came down 2 or 3 times and told Todd to stop the nonsense or else he'd get disqualified "aka"DQ'D.  Todd finally stopped about around the 9th frame. Todd didn't make the cut for the top 24 and I believe John. I was standing back in the crowd, laughing to myself and I said to myself "Man why in the hell are you even starting poop with a man who could grab you and literally toss you across the world.  One of Todd's nicknames was "Strebel the Rebel" lol.  Share any PBA stories with me that you have or can remember. The one about Bo Burton knocking another pro out ice cold in the paddock during a 1980's Tour Stop was hilarious. I remember that story and I don't want to post the name of the guy who hit and knocked across the world lol lol, because I don't want to offend anyone but, I guess the guy he struck had made a derogatory comment about Bo's beautiful wife Sissy at the time lol.  Share some stories thanks!!
Patrick J Yarns
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