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Doesn't 4th place only egt $5,500? If so that isn't too good.


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I feel like we should bump this topic, I mean it's been 10 years since we last posted in here!!! Where has time gone?!?!

Several of the bowlers from the first page on here I've seen on Facebook or just social media in general, but I do wonder if there's some other names we can find out about in terms of what happened to them. Definitely sad to see that a couple of big names have passed away over the last few years (Tony Reyes, Dave D'Entremont, Mike Mcgrath just to name a few) [frown]

"He won't get it! Mike Sweeney our new champion! Well done, it was going to take a huge effort to beat Dave, and that's what Mike did." - John Holt, announcer for the Candlepin Challenge.

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Good bump!

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Very good bump! With Facebook being more prevalent now than it was in 2007, perhaps a lot of these folks can be looked up. 

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It would be an interesting research project to look up each of the bowlers in the Firestone Tournament of Champions from a specific year -- for example, 25 years ago.
Pro bowling has not been the same since the ToC left Riviera Lanes in Akron and ABC stopped televising tour event stepladder finals on Saturday afternoons. 
If anyone has the time and resources, feel free to get the ball rolling -- so to speak!

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I could be wrong but I believe Brad Kiszewski (rookie of the year 90ish) does security at the Peace Bridge in Buffalo.
 Bowled against Angelo, Ciccone, Jurek, Liz J. and many others from Buff area.


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This is a compilation of where are they now....

Bob Spaulding is a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in Portland.

Paul Ashby is alive and well in the northeastern suburbs of Cleveland, OH with his wife & kids. He still bowls PBA Central Region events amongst other tournaments in & around Cleveland, Erie, Pittsburgh, etc.

Cliff McNealy is a nurse at Alta Betes Hospital in Berkeley, California. I think he still bowls one league at Brentwood Bowl in South San Francisco, California. In other words, Cliff has a real job.

Palmer Fallgren works for AMF in Florida setting up instruction classes for the AMF Bowling centers.

Charlie Standish did bowl some league as recently as this past summer. He also won twice on our local scratch tour over the last three months (see for details). He currently runs the PBI pro shop at AMF Ritchie in Glen Burnie, Maryland. That web site is

Tom Milton is still living and working in the St. Pete, Fla area

Gip Lentine bowls senior High Rollers in Vegas and does quite well.

Boysie Huber lives in Vegas, managing a restaurant according to MWPBA director John Weber.

Alvin Lou owns and operates a pro shop in El Cajon

Bo Bowden is still bowling in Dallas county and posting honor scores as always. I do not think he is bowling any tournaments at all, but he still is the Bo that was. Very controversial, opinionated and still a very good bowler. Bo still is a somebody with great skills, knowledge and a reputation that follows him everywhere.

Butch Smith is a very sucessful electrical contractor. The last time that I heard, Butch was living with his wife in Anaheim Hills and is currently into Tennis. Butch showed up at the US Open last year at Fountain Bowl

Mark Williams is the owner of a bowling center in either Texas or Oklahoma. He usually shows up at Bowl Expo every year.

Nelson Burton Jr is retired and living in Florida.

About three years ago, Bowling Digest ran an article about Marc McDowell. At that time, he was still living in the Madison area, working for Salomon Smith Barney, and bowling one league a week.

Mark Williams owns a bowling center in Texas
Steve Cook owns a bowling products distributorship in Sacramento, California
I heard that Mike Durbin is a car salesman in Boulder City, Nevada (near Las Vegas)
Holman is still in Medford, Oregon operating a Liberty Tax Service franchise.
I also heard that Joe Berardi runs the snack bar in one of the Carter centers in Florida.

Scott Devers is GM of Arrowhead Lanes in Lafayette, IN.

Tony Maresse is a very succesful realtor in the Seattle area, works for the same company as Hugh Miller.

Pete McCordic is the regional director for the PBA's Southwest region

Joe Firpo is selling Volvos in Atlanta and doing quite well. Still bowls league and recently set the high series for Tucker lanes before it shut down.

Del Warren is with Track.

Tom Crites is a proprietor in Colorado

Bob Vespi is selling cars in NC

don genalo was running a pro shop in the toledo area for a few years

C.K. Moore is a pastor in Redding, California

Ron Williams has a pro shop at Don Carter Cityview in Fort Worth

Ron Palombi still bowls league in Erie, PA and hits tournament action in the NW PA, OH, NY region. His snow-blower injury isn't that severe, and he can still rip the rack, and loft it to the arrows. He doesn't sell cars and longer, but runs a production machine at Better Baked Foods in North East, PA

Jess Stayrook is working for a fitness place in San Diego.

Butch Soper is in Lake Havasu City.

George Branham is working for a soft drink distributor in Indianapolis

Mike Aulby owns a number of bowling centers and a skating rink in the Indianapolis area. He is doing quite well.

Mike Shady is teaching business at the high school level in Erie, PA. He also has a very successful pro shop.

Eddie Ressler drank himself to death.
He has been gone for maybe 3-4 years now.

Jerry Hale is the day bartender at La Habra Bowl in Southern California, by the way, Glenn Allison works the desk there

Billy Meyers Jr is still in Southern California. Works in the pro shop and embrodiery business. He may bowl league at Del Rio or Keystone

Wayne Webb runs a pro shop in Sacramento, AMF Land Park Lanes

Steve Wunderlich is now in charge of USBC's Sport Bowling program. His office is at USBC HQ in Greendale

Steve Westberg owns a bowling center in Billings MT.

Terry Leong lives near Las Vegas and owns a pro shop in Pahrump, NV

Dwayne Fisher quit bowling to get a life. He became a law clerk and presumably (knowing how he was) went on to being a lawyer or became very successful in some other way.

Randy Lightfoot was the head coach for the Lindenwood College bowling team.

Curt Schmidt works for George Pappas lanes in charlotte, nc now for the last 20 years and only bowls league occasionally he has knee problems

John Handegard owns Pro Bowl somewhere in the state of Texas. He burned out about various aspects of the modern game.

Mazza he had sold the center in Bay City, MI he was part owner of, and I believe he was a stock-broker, all about 3-4 years ago

Billy Orlikowski works for Brunswick and is involved in Ball development and testing.

Paul Koehler, bowls the Detroit All - stars on Harry Sullins team.  He woks at Turbo - Grips in Chesterfield, Mi.

Mike Jasnau is one of Bowlers Journal's 100 top coaches, and he teaches at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno using the Computer Aided Tracking System (CATS). He now lives in Utah and does some teaching with Storm, as well.

Jack Biodollilo works for interstate trophy in houston, texas



[I saw Jess Stayrook with Marv Dickey bowling against Jim Poteet and Dave Wheaton at Lomita (WALLMITA) Bowl for $1,000 a man a game.  HA LOL Just kidding Jess (it was against Frank Ehbrect and Jim Corey! HA LMFAO


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Most of these seem like they are just lifted from when it was posted 10+ years ago. Maybe I am just missing something.

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Originally Posted by hailmaizeandblue
Most of these seem like they are just lifted from when it was posted 10+ years ago. Maybe I am just missing something.

[thumb] [thumb]

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I think Paul Koehler has moved on from Detroit, probably back to Florida.  I bowled in the Detroit All Star League, and he hasn't been on a roster in several years now.


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I think the poster meant to quote the original message when adding their bit of info but didn't do it correctly.
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