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Ok, I'm assuming most of you know who Bowler4ever is. Well, one of his most viewed videos on his youtube page was this:

Now why is this not the original video? Well, see for yourself:


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Thanks for posting that link, Wolf. I commented on it to ensure this "user" that they must delete it. It has been flagged.

But yes, the video was taken down by YouTube because I tried to make a couple bucks off of it. Now note, there is a short (copyrighted) music clip at the end that's around 10 seconds long. Why that's copyright infringement, I don't know. But they also told me that the ads on that video could potentially be 18+. I will re-upload the video, but with a few changes. Instead of being edited in Windows Movie Maker, it will be edited using iMovie. Also, I will potentially omit the replay and the graphic before the replay as well. I will try to get the video up by tomorrow, and I am going to try to get the stats transferred to that video and hopefully get the AdSense reinstated for that video.

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not for nothing, but they ripped one of Keiths video's also...Part 2 of weber winning that trophy that broke in 1991  (1991 us open)

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Wow! What and why? They also did it to the 1974 NJ Open I did!
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