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My mum tells me "why you have too many bowling balls?"

After I get my Storm Pitch Black tomorrow, I cant get anymore balls.

I just ignore my mum lol I am already adult my age over 30+

What about you? Do you use different balls on depend oil conditions? 

Khun Paul

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Of course you use different balls on different conditions!  I have 16 or so at this point, but I collect old urethane balls for the fun of it.  There are 5 "core" balls that I use most of the time that cover the range of conditions I face weekly...they are (in order from least hook to most hook):

Faball Black Hammer
Faball Red Hammer
Faball Blue Hammer (sanded to ~1500 grit)
Hammer Ratchet (shined up)
Storm Hy-Road (sanded to 320 grit)

The first three get used at the "modern" center I bowl at, and the last three get used at Parkview (the blue Hammer can be used in both centers).


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I bring 5 to league...and when I bowl tournaments, I bring one more.

I equate it to golf where you have different clubs for different situations....same applies to bowling. 


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I bring two 3-ball bags (6 balls in all) to the bowling center every time I bowl...unless I'm bowling in a tournament and am unsure of the conditions.  Then I might bring a third 3-ball bag (9 balls, total).  Now, given that my home center typically lays out a house shot, I pretty much know that in most circumstances, I'm really only going to need two or three balls.  But I may vary between my three "go-to" balls -- the Storm Lock, Storm Crux Pearl and the Storm IQ Tour Nano -- as well as my spare ball, the Storm Mix.  I've often thought of just carrying a 4-ball bag and leaving two of the balls I carry at home.  I rarely use them.  But I just know that as soon as I leave them at home, that'll be the night the bowling center's lane machine is broken and we find ourselves bowling on a pair of lanes that haven't been oiled that day and I'll wish I'd brought my weaker stuff.  There have been just enough times that we've faced uncharacteristically dry lanes (because the lane machine was on the fritz), and I was glad I had my full arsenal.  It only takes a time or two to make you feel very reluctant to leave your fallback options at home.

I've long said something similar to what Keith mentioned in the last comment.  When my dad (God rest his soul) used to ask me years ago why I had so many bowling balls, I told him, "You wouldn't expect to play a round of golf with one club, would you?"  That pretty much explains it to anyone who doesn't understand the rationale behind carrying so many bowling balls.


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I bring 2 to league and 6 to tournaments.

And once I know I don't like it or want to use it, I get rid of it. I never have more than 6-7.

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Been bringing one to league past 2 months and when I bowl
senior tourney next month will bring three.

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I always have all 4 with me.
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I bring 4 balls at all times too.  Even aside from ball reaction differences, I like to have others because each has a slightly different feel on release, and I sometimes switch balls when I'm throwing a ball poorly to just get a "different feel".   Sometimes......making the ball change will turn-around my game and I'll start throwing better shots.   ...and sometimes not!  ....but at least there's a chance!  LOL

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