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Good show. Fun to watch.
Old bowlers never die, they just fade away.

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This was a great show to watch. It brought back a lot of memories. After watching this, I remembered the old PBA bowling league. I used to watch them at Jefferson Bowl in Culver City, CA. I bowled in the junior league then and was good friends with the bowling lane owners son(Danny Homel).

After our league, his dad would let us go into the arena where the pro league bowled. We were able to bowl all day long on those 4 lanes. What an experience.

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I remember seeing that live on TV , 75,000$$ was a lot of money then. We used to go down to Hollywood Legion Lanes on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and watch the coming Monday night competitors practice for an hour or two. Can't put into words how great that was. Most of those guys bowled east of the Mississippi and we almost never got to see them.
Dick Weber was in a word A word : Class.
Don Carter practiced for 2 hours on 2 pairs .
Never missed the head pin, left a few buckets and the most left he got was some 4-7,s and maybe a couple 4-10's. This might not seem so hot to today's guys but those lines were not easy.
We knew because occasionly we would throw a few games while we waited for the pros to show up.
Also we could see these guys hitting the same board. No free hook and no area.

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