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Originally Posted by mrbowling300
There have been some nice colorful balls out there, too.  Can anyone name some?

Actually, right now I think roto-grip has been putting out some really nice colored bowling balls. Every ball I have picked up from them (Rogue Cell, Cell Pearl, Neptune) has looked realy nice. If they keep making balls that look that good I'll probibly have one of the best looking collections out there. Now if that translates into bowling success or not we'll have to see.

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cuda c that was the teal or green one right?

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The Cuda C that I remember was dark red.

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The Cuda C was red (pearl was a pretty deep red/maroon). The Stingray was teal (solid) or green

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Pink Morich balls look good on the lane.  I've actually been using mine more often as of late and the reaction has been pretty good.  I'll admit, the swirls do allow me to see when the ball starts a roll and that could definitely be an advantage over my dull Cuda C/2000 that is a solid blue.
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