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Have you ever use on your bowling balls or neither use?
Khun Paul

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I use 'em all the time.  Here's what I get:

Purchasing a ball spinner was the best investment I ever made in my game.  Allows me to keep the covers on my bowling balls fresh and maintain the like-new performance.  Gotta have abralon pads to maintain your bowling balls.  Or to modify the surface, should that be your preference.


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I also use a ball spinner to restore the surface on my gear (mostly urethane).  Used to buy Abralon pads, but they're pretty pricey.  I just buy contour sanding pads from the lumber yard where I get lumber for my woodworking projects. 

One of the "downsides" to Abralon pads is the uniformity of the abrasives they use.  If you're looking to get a ball truly dull, you're better off using a cheap sanding pad or even plain wet-and-dry sandpaper, where the variable size of the abrasives leads to a more "chaotic" scratch pattern.   As I usually put a dull(ish) surface on most of my gear, that's what I use.  If you want to get a ball shined up,  the uniformity of Abralons becomes a positive, and those work best.


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I also have a spinner, and consider it an essential part of my arsenal. Some people love to experiment with layout; but that's expensive and doesn't result in big reaction difference. I have two bread and butter layouts I use on almost everything, but with my spinner, I can tweak surfaces continuously until I find exactly what I'm looking for.  

I use abralon pads, but am going to do some experimenting when I run out of the pile I currently have. Like MrFreeze said, they're expensive, and they wear out very quickly. Most of my equipment ends up at 2000 grit, and a 2000 pad quickly starts to feel like a 4000 pad. For what you pay to get them, they don't last long enough.

But, paying too much is way better than not having them at all.
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