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If it matters, I'm the league secretary.

The bowling alley has 10 lanes and our league has 9 teams.

Yesterday (Monday) morning  an employee of the bowling alley called to tell me lane 2 is broke and it would not be fixed by the time bowling starts (Monday evening).

The team bowling unopposed was scheduled to bowl on 7&8.  So I contacted all 3 team captains (teams that would be affected) and told them "Lane 2 is broke, unopposed team would bowl on lane 1 and the other 2 teams would move to 7&8."  Only heard back from 1 team captain, he had no problem.  I talked to the other 2 Monday evening and they did receive my text message.

There is a wall along the left hand side of the approach of lane 1, which bothers some bowlers. 
Our league has had teams switch (move) lanes before because of a lane breakdown.  So this was not out of the ordinary procedure for our league. 

Not before, not during, but AFTER the unopposed team went 0-7, a bowler from that team came to me and filed verbal protest (also chewing out my a$$) about having to bowl on lane 1. 

I spoke to the team captain and he didn't seem upset about the move.

Does that bowler have a leg to stand on?

I did sent the team captain information on how to file a written protest. 

Our league is tight, before bowling on Monday, 16pts separated 1st to 9th place. 

We have now bowled 24 out of 30 weeks.

Our league ID is 760 on

Let me know if more information is needed.


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There were no league rules or USBC rules broken that I can tell. All Lanes in the center are USBC certified so that is not an issue. Your local association should back you up.

Plus, he should have filed the protest, or asked to post-bowl, before bowling, not after the scores are posted. Once the scores are done, they are done per USBC rules. End of story.

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Without actually looking up the rule, I believe you did follow protocol when a lane breaks down. If they didn't like being stuck on lane 1 then they should have asked then to post bowl which would have been perfectly understandable. You can't complain after you've lost all 7. 

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Once the games have been bowled they stand.  Had he or I should say his team objected before hand that would be different.  After the fact tough stuff.
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106c. Interrupted Game/Series If equipment failure on a pair of lanes would delay the progress of a series, league officers can: 1. Authorize the game and series to be completed on another pair of certified lanes; or 2. Authorize the game and/or series to be bowled on one lane when another pair of certified lanes is not available. However, when the original pair or another pair of certified lanes becomes available, the team(s) may resume play on a pair of lanes. An interrupted game and series shall be resumed from the point of interruption. When authorized, the requirements of Rule 106a and Rule 106b do not apply. NOTE: Scores bowled while using one lane shall qualify for USBC award recognition

106a requires league bowling to be played on a pair of lanes, however per above 106c supercedes this and what you did was authorized, and allowed if agreed upon in advance.   I guess the one question I have on this rule, is does it apply if utilized before a set of three games begins, or only if the breakdown occurs AFTER starting a league set?

I think you're fine.   I can tell you, I wouldn't have agreed to that if I was the team that was asked to move to lane 1.   I would have insisted on bowling on my pair.   The teams on 1/2 would have had to make a choice to bowl only on lane 1, or bowl later when the pair was repaired.   But they agreed, so it's time to move on.

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I heard back from the USBC rules department.  I'm good. 
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