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i'm on a recreational couples league in madison, wi. League president approaches our team and said that it was against the rules to have powder on the lanes( i know this by the way). Powder was in the seating area, not on the lanes or approach area.  He was not bowling us and opposing team had not complained(members of their team do the same with the powder). The powder in question was ez-slide, not talcum. Was he out of line? Felt he was a little arrogant in his approach.


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Knowing how nasty the EZ Slide powder can be, I can understand him bringing it up. What was the person who had it down there using it for? I have been known to use a dab of it in my thumbhole before but I keep it sealed in the bag out of the bowling area. But if it gets on the shoes and/or approach, nasty falls can occur.


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You can't deface the approach in any way, either with scuffing soles or EZ Slide on your shoes.  He was perfectly in line.

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I've gotta agree Kota. it doesn't really matter if it's tracked up on the approach from that pairs 'pit area' or not, EZ slide on an approach is a potential accident-waiting-to-happen. wouldn't want to see anyone get hurt. It's great stuff, I certainly use it myself, on occasion. But it's best applied very sparingly, to the shoe itself. And rubbed lightly into the sole, before ever getting on the approach. Seems a safe way to apply it. Oh, and as Crankenstein300 stated, that stuff is great for getting your thumb out of the ball.

Bottom line is, as Bowlmania mentioned, EZ slide IS a foriegn substance on the approach.

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the miracle of bowling ..... the interchangeable soles, saves my life in tournaments at other houses  well worth the investment imo takes the need of the " foreign substances " completly out of the equation

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it was used on the sole of the slide foot. feel that it is a good to use in the conditions that happens at the alley with the wet weather. people wear their wet shoes all over and your shoes seem to pick up all the moisture in the place. while i can see the danger in how it may cause a fall, i've seen people fall because of sticky shoes and go head first into the lane.

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