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Okay, this looks like a fun game to play...

Since getting back into bowling back in the Spring of 2012, here's how I've depleted my bank account:

(All Storm balls, except where noted.)

2012:  Frantic (cracked a year later, almost to the day)
2012:  Team Storm White (Belmo spare ball)
2012:  Roto Grip Defiant (gave it away to a junior bowler)
2012:  Columbia 300 Freeze Hybrid (gave it away to a junior bowler)
2012:  Vivid (gave it away to a junior bowler)
2012:  Tropical Breeze
2013:  Fire Road
2013:  Lucid
2013:  Brain Storm
2013:  Polar Ice
2013:  IQ Tour Pearl
2013:  Super Natural (gave it away to a junior bowler)
--All balls prior to this point 14 pounds.--
--All balls after this point 15 pounds.--
2013:  Byte
2013:  Lights Out
2013:  Marvel-S
2014:  IQ Tour Pearl
2014:  Reign On
2014:  Super Natural
2014:  IQ Tour Fusion
2014:  HyRoad
2014:  HyRoad Solid
2014:  Optimus
2014:  Pitch Black
2015:  IQ Tour Nano
2015:  Ride
Expecting to add tomorrow (unless I change my mind at the last minute):
2015:  Crux Pearl
2015:  Sky Rocket

With the purchase I expect to make tomorrow, my starting six will become:  IQ Tour Nano, Crux Pearl, Optimus, Sky Rocket, Ride, Pitch Black (with the Pitch Black being the wild card, replaceable on any given day by any of the other 15-pounders that are currently relegated to the bench).

And let's not forget the three-ball Rolling Thunder bag (which I've given to a junior bowler), the four-ball Rolling Thunder, the six-ball Rolling Thunder (all Storm), as well as four Vise-brand three-ball tote rollers (yellow, pink, orange and purple...and probably about to add a lime green one).

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the largest expenditure of them all, and probably the one that has most paid for itself:  a ball spinner.  (Okay, my first IQ Tour Pearl paid for itself several times over when I won a first prize check for $750 with it a couple of years ago.)

The balls I've given away are balls I would never have used again anyway.  Generally speaking, I don't get rid of anything.  You never know when an old ball might come in handy.

But I typically only carry six to the bowl on any given day.  (I might carry nine or more if I'm driving to an out of town tournament where I'm not entirely sure what to expect.)


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I will take 4-6 balls to a tournament.  However for big tourneys like high rollers and Nationals over the years I have often drilled out something on site during the course of the tourney.  In the two best finishes I ever had in the Masters, I drilled out a new ball after the regular events and those balls made me a lot of money. 
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