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Originally Posted by ChipnDalebowl
Rubbing alcohol after every 3-4 games and towel off between shots. I've never done the water thing or had to use heat to keep my stuff clean over the years. If you keep the oil from really soaking in in the first place, then you don't have to do these advanced procedures and general cleaning is all that is necessary.

I think some of it has to do with how much oil your ball is exposed to.  In my league last Thursday, the lanes were DRENCHED and had a lot of carry-down (I'm told they strip the backends on Mondays, and we bowl on Thursday night). I had to pull my resin ball out for the first time this year.  The first few frames, the ball came back with no oil visible on the track had soaked into the dull ball.  Then I started seeing a little, then a lot...the track area had become saturated.  No amount of toweling off (which I do after every shot) or spray-on surface cleaners is going to get rid of the soaked-in oil.


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How to Clean and Maintain a Bowling Ball  - This Works For Me

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Very good to all. I am a Spanish bowler and I would like to consult you if the products I use for cleaning in my country can correctly match all those that are listed or used in the USA because the same brands do not exist here.

To use normally after each session with my spare ball I use Glassex, a multipurpose glass cleaner that I think is the most similar to Windex. Al Glassex added 15-20% of the alcohol with lemon (it is denatured ethanol flavored according to the label and does not contain methanol). I do this because the glass cleaners sulen leaving a film and so with alcohol this evaporates faster and also disinfects better the surface of the ball since the lemon that is degreasing. I leave you links to these two components to see what you think:">Glassex:">Cleaning alcohol:">On the other hand, for my reactive ball after each session, before applying the mixture of Glassex + Alcohol, I apply a 50/50 mixture of degreaser and water, specifically this:">(it is transparent and it contains that contains: b
etween 5 and 15% of nonionic surfactants, less than 5% of phosphates and soap, perfume, lomonene and linalool):

I think it may be similar to Simple Green as it is very difficult to find in my country and imported expensive.

Also I have the Reacta Clean since the guy of my proshop recommended to use it every three weeks.

I hope to be doing the right thing and not be damaging my equipment, especially for my new used reactive ball that I released this Monday (Brunswick Copperhead). I cleaned it with the degreaser without mixing with water and then with the other mixture but I thought that maybe it is a somewhat strong product to apply directly and that's why I mixed it with water.

Thank you very much in advance.

A greeting.

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