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ok..i have in my possession, a few old bowling balls that i am gonna ditch..

what is the proper procedure for getting rid of them..garbage cans, and the trash guys take them, or go dump them in a dumpster somewhere...

3 are cracked, and unusuable and the other 3, i just decided that i am going to rack them at my local center, as they can be used as a house ball for

so, for the cracked balls, will throwing them in the trash be ok? just curious..

the other 3 that i am going to rack, i am just going to get to the lanes extra early and dump them off and go get the stuff that i am going to use for that day..

thanks everybody!

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I've attempted to toss some out with the trash before. To my surprise, some of the balls "disappeared." Apparently some of the people in my neighborhood like to use them for landscaping. Or maybe they've been using them...just hope they haven't been beating me with them.

The ones that were left behind were taken with the trash without incident. So you should be fine.

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bring them to your fav center and leave them on the rack!!!   They'll love their new home.  It's like the retirement home for "old" balls.

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I've dumped old stuff on the racks before.  If I can't use it someone will.
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Give them to your local pig farmer, hogs luv 'em!

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Either cut the cracked ones in half or bust out the core and display them. I have two such balls I am going to do that to.

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