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Their new website is up and running if anyone wants to look at it

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very informational!  I liked this video they posted:


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Great website, great video, great tour concept. I'm really looking forward to this.

Bryanna Caldwell, a fellow Tucsonan will be out there competing, and I'm looking forward to cheering her on.

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I'll see they're including titles from the previous incarnation of the tour.  When they had the Women's Series everyone started with a clean slate.

So now we get to speculate: does Lisa Wagner continue to be the all-time title holder or is someone going to beat that number?  I think its 32 total titles.

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I am glad to see them back. I have always enjoyed the women. I wonder if Michelle Feldman can pick up on her domination where she left off.
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I don't see Feldman's name on the list[is she still bowling?]Are the tourney's
limited to the bowlers listed or do they allow walk ons?

If no walk ons there.s many names that should be there .....Tish Johnson for one]

Still it' great to see the ladies back[thumb]

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I always really enjoyed watching the LPBT/PWBA shows. Simple, sound fundamentals and shot making with pure accuracy. I for one am thrilled to see the ladies making a comeback with the tour! [smile]
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