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Happy Thanksgiving, friends!
It's one of my favorite PRODIGY shows of the year, as the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Shootout typically brings to the fore some kids that you don't usually get to see on PRODIGY.
This event pre-dates PRODIGY, and I really have to give a shout-out to Penny DeMone, who served as Youth Director at Brunswick Zone Roswell for many years before I started coaching there and eventually took over as Volunteer Youth Director after she retired. Penny's the one who first launched the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Shootout. Back then it was a parent/child event, and everyone who entered got a turkey. I'm not a fan of "participation awards," so I changed it up so that only the top 4 finishers actually won a turkey. I also decided to turn it into an event where we paired our Varsity kids with our Junior Varsity kids (I always look for opportunities to put them together, partly so the older kids can mentor the younger ones, and so they can get to know one another a bit). And once we launched PRODIGY two years ago, I tweaked the format once more to make it a little more "TV friendly." And indeed, these past couple of years, it's been one of the most-watched episodes of the season on PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR.
I hope you enjoy it. But most of all, I sincerely hope you and your family have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


Randy Brown
USBC Silver Certified Coach

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