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It's Episode 90 of PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR. And this week, we dust off the ol' PRODIGY Team Showdown format, where we award points in each of three rounds. The first round is 5-on-5 with the team recording the higher total pinfall receiving one point. Then in Round Two, three more points go to the team that's first to win two games of Baker format competition. And finally, in Round Three, it's a 5-on-5 competition again, but this time, each player is competing for one match point (5 match points overall), plus the team with the higher total pinfall will receive 3 more points, so in Round Three, there are 8 points at stake. So even a team that's down 6-0 going into Round Three can stage a massive comback and win the event. It's a fascinating exhibition with a ton of twists and turns. Enjoy!


Randy Brown
USBC Silver Certified Coach

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