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Happy Holidays from PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR!
It's our 2018 Christmas special, and this week's episode should entertain you on a lot of levels.  For one, every match is a surprise, as the format used in each match is unknown to the players until we "unwrap" that surprise.  At least one of the matches is contested under the rules of a game I'll bet you've never seen before.  One of them was right out of a 1960s TV game show featuring professional bowlers!  And the ending is, without a doubt, the most real, human show of emotion we've seen on PRODIGY to date.  I'd like to believe that the way things turned out at the end (stay past the final commercial break to see it) will delight you.  Oh, and speaking of commercials, you'll want to sit through and watch all of the commercial breaks, as in the first three, you'll see special third-party content that I was graciously granted permission to use by a former Junior Gold national champion who is now a PBA member with 4 regional titles.  His videos are hilarious, and I'm thrilled that he allowed me to use them on this week's show.
All in all, I think we've packed quite a few surprises into "The Christmas Surprise."
And Merry Christmas, everyone!


Randy Brown
USBC Silver Certified Coach

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