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I joined here a few months back. Haven't visited/posted much since I didn't bowl over the summer and kind of lost interest.  We start up next week, so I'll try to be more active.  I did sub a few weeks over the summer, those weeks didn't go too well.

Anyways, I work right near this bowling alley.  Only been there once and this has been talked about for a few months now.  Looks like it's going to happen from this article.  Not sure what kind of shape the alley is in.  One part of the article says, "Nothing is lined up for this space."  We'll be down to two alleys here, both owned by the same group.

From their Facebook page:
In response to this morning's article in the Reading Eagle...

We have received an overwhelming amount of questions with regard to our league bowling. We want everyone to rest assured that you will all have a complete fall / winter season.

We will release additional information as it becomes available.

To me that sounds like this will be happening.  I'm sure they'll get some compensation.

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