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 Who will win the PBA World Championship?
 Jason Belmonte 3 33%
 Matt McNiel 1 11%
 Bill O'Neill 0 0%
 Jakob Butturff 5 55%
 BJ Moore 0 0%
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Total votes: 9. This poll has been closed.

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Originally Posted by CA_NEbowlervet_803
IMO, that makes Belmonte even better.  I think he's in the top 5 of bowlers of all time.  Also, he's also a great ambassador for bowling. It's kind of like Tiger (in his hey day) vs. the field. 

You really think Belmonte is a good ambassador for bowling?  I can't stand his attitude.  I would take Tom D. or Beef Stew any day over Belmo.  Belmo and Pete are the two best reasons I don't watch live bowling anymore.

Old bowlers never die, they just fade away.

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I do. He's always performing bowling clinics and exhibitions all over the world to promote the sport. I admire Belmo's dedication to that cause. Also, he's winning which is always a plus.  Tom D.....has he actually won or done anything significant (other than the infamous low game many years ago)?

That's too bad that Belmo and PDW are the reasons why you don't watch bowling on tv anymore.  Both bowlers are great no matter what your opinion is on how they choose to act on TV.    

AKA: Bowling290 (2008 - 2013) 

Can't stand watching bowling on TV or old Youtube shows!  Actually, bowling is boring to watch! I'd rather play than watch!

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