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Originally Posted by Crankenstein300

I see they have their own HBO Archives YouTube channel now. I remember awhile back that they were looking for copies of their old HBO bowling broadcasts. I wonder if they found many of them?

I was contacted by a guy named Max Segal of HBO Sports.  He was looking for vintage HBO sporting events on video, as they were trying to put together a 40th anniversary special for HBO sports.  No much exists from that era, as nothing was saved.  When I saw the clip from Hartfield Lanes, where I grew up, I asked if he got that as a result of my tip.  I told him to call the owner, Harry Hartfield, to see if he had copies of the original reels from back then.  Max said all of my leads turned up nothing, but they happened to already have that copy.  I told him I would love to have a copy of that particular tournament, the one with Dale (Eagle) Glenn, and he said he would see what he could do.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a DVD shows up one day with that.  Max seems to be a very nice guy.  I looked him up, and he's been with HBO for about 25+ years, and he's in charge of their archives.  Must be a fascinating job.  Too bad they don't have much from that era.

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Agreed. I talked to him as well and hooked him up with the PBA to see if they had any HBO shows in the archive. Unfortunately there wasn't anything that he needed.

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Originally Posted by mrbowling300
Thanks for posting, I saw this on youtube just the other day from Hartfield Lanes.  My first league was at Hartfield Lanes when I was 8 years old, in 1974.  I bowled there all the way through high school, and I even worked at the snack shop.  I remember when this tournament took place.  Prior to the start, me and my buddy were open bowling there, and I remember seeing Earl Anthony downstairs in the lower 16.  I was in awe.  Of course, I was too nervous and scared to go up to him and say hello, and that he was my favorite.  Did you bowl at Hartfield Lanes?

Sorry for the late reply!  Lol.  I actually had to find this site tonight through youtube, where I was looking for the video I posted 4 years ago of the PBA tournament at Hartfield's in the 70s, but apparently it's been taken off youtube.  Did you ever get a copy of it?  A friend of mine wants to see it.

To answer your question, I did bowl at Hartfields.  I also worked there from 1974 - 1978, my high school years.  Concourse, pits, and counter.  I was good friends with the Shalhoubs (sp?), Tony, Mike, their mom, dad, and uncle. 

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