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10 days ago
Hello Mrbowling,
I have some thoughts and observations I would like feedback on.
I would bring these things up on your site but, I don't know how and what is appropriate.

I'm 37 and live and bowl in Arkansas.
I started bowling in my teens just for fun.
I started hooking the ball incorrectly with two hands.
Self taught, no bowling team at that time, made a house ball look like 200 bucks.
all good.

Fast forward to my early 20s. joined a league.
Immediately, and perpetually plagued by over-under reaction unless, I bowl in heavy to medium oil.
I bowled for years grinding out weak averages. throwing spare balls as hard as I could.
The only success I found was in the occasional animal shot that the house would post for tournaments.
Got so frustrated that I joined a short 2-man pro shot league three towns away.
Won it.
I knew that I could bowl well, but that my style is condition specific.
High volume of oil to be specific. doesn't matter where on the lane it is I can put the ball anywhere.
I switched from two hands to one hand no thumb. for a high rev down and in.
Enough back ground. To the point.

here's what I see.
Everybody's style is condition specific.
(except you Lefties Mrbowling) Just teasing this years open shot was hard on lefties.
The same pros would win on the animal shots that work with there rev rate and the area of the lane they play the best. so formulaic.
There's no true all around champ. Great at all shots.
The only reason Belmonte rocks is because when there is a high volume of oil the deeper you can throw and still carry the worse it is for everybody bowling outside that.
There are more animal shots with heavy oil then light. (pre-2015)

That kind of created an us and them setting in bowling.
(here's where I get all conspiracy theory on you and you probably stop reading)
High rev dominating and traditional tweener down and in left out in the cold.

The Blowback. Imagined or Real, I'm going to put it out there.
Here's what I see now.
I read in an online bowling magazine that the only way to end 'left gutter capping' (ridiculous term) is to end carry down.
We all know carry down is a high rev bowlers best friend.
The Bear and the wolf are very friendly to strokers, down and inners.
The new oils are extremely light and don't carry down. When there gone there gone.
Cant even play saboteur any more and roll over the other guys line.
every ball you throw is less oil.
Pro bowlers throwing urethane. Running out of lane in two games. Over-under reaction.
Entire season where every bowler plays the right quarter of the lane like its eternal cheetah.
The 120 lb Canadian stroker bowls 300.
Belmo wins ONE (singular) televised game.
Full roller Smallwood proves that less is more until even he runs out of lane.
Guess who wins. the guy that can throw it the fastest.(Tackett)
My team mate said that there just favoring one style of bowling right now.

Here's what's happening at my house.
The owner has drilled almost all the off center weight out of his sons bowling balls.
pure surface shot.
The people that do well either.

A: throw slow to medium speed and come all the way around the ball. I'm talking touching your opposite shoulder after release. Almost pulling it backwards. or

B: throw fast and straight and I mean 19 to 22 mph minimum.

Any angle is too much. Its a no hook shot. Its all about trying to get the ball to never turn.
Fast, flat hits. or Super light flop shots. no angle to either.

In summation. I would like to know what you think the sport itself needs to do to become more cohesive and consistent.

I would love to see bowling in the Olympics and am a huge fan of the new scoring system.

I just cant see a game with so many variables outside of athletic performance taken seriously on the Olympic level.

Thank You
signed, RedPhos.
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10 days ago
Thanks for the rant......feel free to copy and paste the entire rant on a thread and see what feedback you will get. I think the users would enjoy reading what you have to say, and a lot would agree with what you are saying. Will give more thoughts later, as I'm at work right now. Cheers, and thanks for your participation!!!!


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Agree with a lot of it even though it got a little confusing when talking about the animal patterns.   It is all speed about speed today.  Turn on top of speed is going to throw the pins all over the place.  Buckets become strikes.  Old days five counts become victims of wall shots. 

I gave up on the Olympics years ago and the new scoring system sucks.  I also hate the Baker system too. 

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Thanks Fordman.
I apologize for the confusion.
I was referring to the Baker system.
I like it because more strikes wins.
Clear cut flat scoring. strike = 30.
I can see why the original scoring method is more challenging.
Have to string them together. Have to get 12 strikes instead of ten.
I personally have lost games and gotten more strikes than the other guy.

Maybe there is no hope for the Olympic bowling.
Its like golf but you can control the weather.

P.S. my buddy used to roll for a living. He told me that before they had animal names the patterns just had numbers.

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The baker sys. is when you have 5 bowlers who bowl in the same game.  One guy bowls the 1st and 6th the next bowls the 2nd and 7th etc. 

The Olympic sys.  is different and stupid!

Shake a Vets hand you owe them.
Dearborn Mi. Home town of Henry Ford

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Oh, I stand corrected.
I cant even keep up with things.
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