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Just "Rescued" A Original Burgundy Hammer  From my Favorite place, The junkyard . Jay, my pro shop guy, Said it would be a good ball so, all e had to do was redo the thumb and put new inserts in the fingers. but he was so busy did not want to bug him with looking up the Serial # for it    Figured it was just as easy to ask you guys if you know how old, and where this ball was made I think it may be one of the   Baltimore made hammers because there is a B in the number. here it is.          

4BO69836   The 8 may be a 3


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1994 Baltimore ball...and a great ball to have in your bag!


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Thanks for the info. My hunch was right about it being a "Hontown"  Hammer . I live about 45 miles northeast of Baltimore, Remember riding right by the Hammer factory years ago, on Rt  40,right before they went  under ,I am guessing  this is when Ebonite took over everything. Really wanted to stop there but, had to get back up to Home. next thing I know, there was an auction notice in the Baltimore Sun paper for  it. Auctioning off everything. We'll find out how it will do Monday . No nickname for it yet lol.

Faith, Hope, Charity. Great Virtues to have but, Bad Duckpin split to leave. 5,7, 10
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