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Originally Posted by Lawless
One thing that is different about Barnes, is that he doesn't rely on a ball rep to tell him what to do... (Then again, Barnes is the de-facto Global ball rep)... Who would think that a strong cover/core ball is the right match up for the Wolf pattern? If you noticed, Barnes had two Inception DCT's on the rack.  The 2nd ball had even more surface!

What many ppl don't understand about surface is 1) Surface doesn't make the ball hook more, just sooner and slow down faster to avoid over reaction 2) Polished covers react erratically to wet/dry patterns. 3) Barnes is a master with the ability to make the ball roll-out or hook/stop in the correct part of the lane - this is old school and most youngin's have never seen much less tried. Del Ballard, Jr. was also masterful with this release in the 80's.

I'm not saying league bowlers are dumb, its just that they would never encounter this type of condition on a house pattern - house pattern + skid/flip = ton-o-strikes with polished cover stock. Too much surface on house pattern = makes ball bleed energy = ball hits like a balloon.


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