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Just a heads up to you folks in the Detroit area.

This July, Junior Gold, the largest youth bowling tournament in the world, is coming to Detroit.  If you think junior bowling is a big yawner, you're in for a massive surprise.  Go watch a couple of sessions.  They'll be spread out over 8 bowling centers for a whole week.  This is the week that families all over the country build their entire year around.  Some of them are there for more than a week.  It's a huge commitment, both financially and just in terms of time (taking days off of work, for most of these families, THIS is their family vacation for the year -- and they do it EVERY YEAR).

Some of these kids are massively talented.  If you've watched some of the PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR shows I've produced, you surely must know just how talented some of these young people are.  But for heaven's sake, all I get to show on PRODIGY are the ones who bowl in the Atlanta area or stop by to pay us a visit.  We do have one Junior Gold National Champion in our youth program where I coach  --  Annalise O'Bryant, who won the U15 Girls National Championship last July in Dallas, TX.  And we've had a few climb pretty deep into the elimination rounds.  But it's hard to get all the way to the end.

The kids who do are awesome beyond words.  Surely you know about Solomon Salama, who shot 299 in the championship match on TV two years ago.  Just a 15 year old kid shooting 299 on national television.  This past year, Anthony Neiuer almost did it again.  He started with, what, the front 9 or something?

These kids are amazing.

If you would go to a PBA tournament, you owe it to yourself to log on to and pull up the schedule for Junior Gold.  Make it a point to pick out a couple of divisions and go watch these kids.  You will be amazed and entertained.

And if you watch PRODIGY BOWLERS TOUR at all and would be interested in seeing some of our kids (many will be in Detroit to bowl in the tournament), I'll get a list of Squads and post it once everything is finalized.

You're in for a real treat.

Honestly, I know the pros get all the attentin.  But if you attend one of these Junior Gold tournaments -- or the USA BOWLING national team championship finals, which will be held in conjunction with Junior Gold -- all of your cynicism about bowling's future will melt away in about an hour.  I promise you.  When you see all the enthusiasm...AND THE SHEER NUMBERS OF BOWLERS AND FAMILY MEMBERS IN will suddenly realize that bowling's future is very bright, indeed.

And you may also suddenly realize that there's more to the USBC than just 300 rings when you send in your dues each year.  These tournaments are pretty awesome, and the kids are as much fun to watch as the PBA pros.

Trust me. You really owe it to yourself to go watch them.

2019 Junior Gold Championships

Saturday, July 13 thru Saturday, July 20

Century Bowl, Waterford Twp, MI
Super Bowl Lanes, Canton, MI
Thunderbowl Lanes, Allen Park, MI
Skore Lanes, Taylor, MI
Astro Lanes, Madison Heights, MI
AMF Rose Bowl Lanes, Rosweville, MI
Sterling Lanes, Sterling heights, MI
Bowl One Lanes, Troy, MI


Randy Brown
USBC Silver Certified Coach


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Are you going to be in town for this?

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