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 does the concept interest you?
 Yes 1 33%
 No 2 66%
 I will wait and see 0 0%
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USBC has sanctioned my tournament. #11925. I believe that it can enhance the sanctioned league and existing tournaments excitement. It merges technology with the traditional. It is free to play while it is in the 'proof of concept' or 'beta' mode. In order for participants to understand the true scope of it, I create computer generated bowlers to fill in for live bowlers with the goal of eliminating the CGB's when there are enough bowlers to play for cash prize awards. 80% of fee's. Please visit the tournament site at . I believe that ultimately traditional sanctioned league and tournament bowling will benefit from this enhancement. Of course it follows that hopefully the decline in centers will be abated as in the article just posted 4 days ago in that regard. Please, if you visit the site, participate to see for your self how the tournament works. Give it a chance. I welcome your assessment of the concept. There is no other tournament concept available on the internet like it. There are some that are similar, but they are not the same.
Jim Yeatrakas

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Correct link is

The "." after the .com makes the link not work.
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