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Friday at 6:40 AM NYC time, I will board my flight from JFK airport and my final destination will be Reno, Nevada. I will bowl team event on Saturday, March 20th, 2010 at 2:30 PM. I will bowl singles and doubles squad on Sunday morning at 7 AM. I am excited but very nervous at the same time. Some of you wonder why that is. Allow me to explain.

Last Thursday, I had met with assistant team USA coach Ken Yokobosky for a lesson. He noticed that there was too much of a loop/figure eight motion in my swing. He gave me the following suggestions:

1] Keep hand in a "catch" position sorta like if it's being tossed to me. Keep the hand slightly on the side and keep the shoulders at a 1 to 2 inch open angle

2] Keep my arm at an 90 degree angle during my pushaway.

3] Lead with my left side in my approach and picture myself delivering an "uppercut" type of punch.

I placed Ken's suggestions into play during my final week of PBA experience league last Friday and my results were kinda varied mainly because they're not part of my muscle memory yet. My ability to make spares on the right side of the lane and in the middle were not a problem. Left side spares and combos with the 2 pin as the key pin were more of an area of concern. I did manage to have a clean game of 202 in one of the games but I tossed a few bad shots in the final game with prevented me from scoring a better game despite starting out with a triple. I am very nervous and my hands shake as I type this post.
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