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Here the video I taken in Vegas.

What u think?

Khun Paul

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I didn't see you shoot any spares, so I don't know that aspect of your game. You seemed to be going further and futher outside with each shot, was there any reason for that? I think your high series of 596 will fall very soon though!

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Bowled 226 in front of Dave Ferraro at his place in Kingston

"He needs three" - Billy Welu
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Where did you learn that style?  My arm started hirting just watching.  Any good luck in the tourney.

Shake a Vets hand you owe them.
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I love it how you almost left a solid 2 pin on the very first shot.

"He won't get it! Mike Sweeney our new champion! Well done, it was going to take a huge effort to beat Dave, and that's what Mike did." - John Holt, announcer for the Candlepin Challenge.

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How much a game do they charge there? Were you in some sort of tournament? Or did you bring your equipment along to bowl there? Where is you stay while in LV?
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