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My son in Arizona, who is prone to moderate to severe sinus infections, went to the ER and was immediately tested for the Covid.  He had to wait 3 days before getting a call.  The doctor told him it came back negative, but since the symptoms overlap, he could have a mild case that showed negative, and that he should quarantine for a week.  Really, a mild case of Covid mimicking a sinus infection, and it comes back negative?  Oh joy.
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There are so many different symptoms from none to pneumonia that it is hard to tell. The other problem is that there is apparently a 10% error rate, on the tests

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Sometimes I think eventually we;ll all get it. Rather it's mild or a
bad case is anyone's guess. I had a bad reaction to Cipro back in
Sept so that leaves me a little worried of the safety of a vaccine if one
is ever developed

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