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Hi Guys,

Have not posted in a while Well, thanks to carelessness on my part My storm Triple x factor is history. I decided to try de-oiling it by using a portable heater. it was working real good oil was pouring out of the ball when I got a phone call. figured it was a "pest" call my term for telemarketers etc so did not move ball got to talking to a friend ran back out to check the ball and it spider web cracked all in that area. Told jay at the pro shop, said he was surprised I would even try it on that ball because where it had such bad plug work he though it would have done the one crack around the ball. oh well, know not to do that again without really keeping an eye on it.Jay says he is going to keep a lookout for one. i really liked that ball, even though it was a old ball.

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deja vu all over again,thought I saw this somewhere else 
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Originally Posted by Dare
deja vu all over again,thought I saw this somewhere else 

Yeah. Me too. Weird. 
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