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I've recently got back into the game after a few years away and I've been struggling with pretty much everything since I got back. I finally after a few months got most things in my game to a comfortable place but I have been having some trouble with ball speed. I throw between 13-15 mph but I have noticed as the lanes break down if I move left I get weak hits on the pocket and right going Brooklyn everytime. I'm already using weaker equipment Track Heat classic. Tried to speed up my approach and holding the ball higher has not had a big effect on ball speed. When I muscle it down the lane I lose my rev rate and accuracy. Anything else I could try?

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Personally, I like symmetrical equipment.  I've heard great things about Storm Phaze II, personally, I love the Hyroad X.  

What weight equipment are you using?  If you are at 16 pound, try going 15....the lighter ball helps with control, and you do not lose carry, like you would in the urethane or plastic era.

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Haven't tried it myself, but some guys are having very good luck going down to even 14. Ball speed is definitely a big issue in todays world. I could use more myself. Best things for me are getting my backswing up, staying down on the shot, and trying not to hit up at release, but extend through more parallel to the lane

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I expected some kind of drop off when I went from 15 to 14, but didn’t see any. I hit and carry the same with 14. That one pound does help with my always injured hand/wrist.

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