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Don't know if many of you have heard or have any details, but I just learned
that Taylor Lanes' owner (& my personal friend) Ted Dobbins, has recently
passed away. I knew he had battled Diabetes for many years, but am unsure
if that was the eventual cause of his fate. Maybe some of you can shed some

For those of you who didn't know this extremely warm man, who really loved
the Sport of Bowling, and did his best to promote the game in every way he
could... a better sponsor/ambassador you'd be hardpressed to find anywhere.

Not only, had the Dobbins bent over backwards year after year for the PBA,
to keep the professional bowling tradition alive in our area, (even in our most
recent tough times), but hardly anyone knows that it was Ted who actually
convinced me to create the worlds first "Interchangeable HouseBall Program"
(The Perfecta-Fit system) because he wanted so much for his center to
become the first establishment to pioneer the concept. Without Ted's belief,
my PGI concepts may have remained just that - concepts. Aside from he and
his wife taking me out (& buying me a great Italian dinner), for no real reason,
I will always be forever grateful to Ted, and his sweet daughter Erin, for that.

Everyone who knew you Ted, I'm sure,
will share similarly strong feelings - in their own unique way.
You'll surely be missed by many & may you rest peacefully with the knowledge
that I for one, will certainly never forget you ...and, may God be with you.

- Arnie (Goldman).         

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