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That's right!  My wife was diagnosed with cancer last October.  She had chemo and radiation treatments from Christmas until the end of March, by which time the Covid shut down started.  We went through multiple tests to prove the cancerous tumor was gone, but the surgeon refused to accept that was true until I asked if he was trying to make money by promoting a surgery we had avoided by all the aggressive treatments. She has been healing and looking forward to getting out and about. We thought we were clear until Monday when the chemo Dr said my wife needs 4 1/2 months of oral and IV chemo to get the odds of recurrence under 20%.  So here we go again.  The treatments will weaken her and compromise her immune system even more that what it is now, so we have to self isolate again, this time for 4 1/2 months PLUS the recovery time, however long that is this time.  If she holds up under the treatments as well as last time, with any luck we might be able to get out and around in 8-9 more months.

So if any of you are chafing under the restrictions, count yourselves blessed it's only the Covid you are dealing with.  And if you think the mask thing is a bother, it might be me you infect without one, and then I bring it home to her.

Old bowlers never die, they just fade away.

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Damn, that is a tough pill to swallow.  Hope things work out positive for both of you.  It does suck that all of us bowlers that are older have decent chunk of our golden years derailed with COVID-19 but should feel lucky if healthy.    
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