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I use to bowl all the time 4 5 times a week even did some pro events avg was 230 on league. but the reason i left was cause the people that were running the "board" were all elderly people(no offense) and they couldnt keep up with the younger talent coming in so what they did was change their handicap averages to something weird like 80 of 230 so someone who avgs 130 has like 80 or 90 pins of HC. automatic 210 right there. and heaven for bid they bowl a 180 we are toast! after that it just wasnt fun anymore it was horrible. we had to bowl our asses off every week and still wouldnt be close to top 10. but all the (elderly) are top 10 and even winning EVERY YEAR. thats why i left and havent been back. im sure nothing has changed. 
any opinions? advise?  

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You obviously don't understand how handicaps work or you would know that 80% of 230 gives you one heck of an advantage.

Yes, your 130 average bowler gets credit for a 210 score every game he/she bowls his/her average. However, if you bowled your 230 average, you would beat them by 20 pins EVERY game. You're giving this person credit for bowling their average every game and you're assuming you will not. Don't forget that this 130 average bowler will also bowl some 110 games or less, too. You can't always bowl or beat your average. You could bowl 19 pins under average every game and you would beat the 130 average bowler, if they bowled 130 every game. That's a big swing in your favor.

If the 130 average person shots 180, then someone or two on your team needs to step up. That's how you win. By bowling better than the other team. You don't win by hoping the other team will bowl their average or worse. That's just poor sportsmanship.

I find it hard to believe you quit for this reason. The league made it easier for your team to win. Just because your team couldn't do it was not the fault of the league.

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no thats pretty much the reason. im not downing anyone i always want people to bowl good. yes team member always step up but when its a big league bowling different people it get tough this has gone on for YEARS!!!like i said its been 6 years plus. im not sure what it is and i was throwing out numbers. I always tried my hardest just like everyone else should but after years of getting beat down and bowling our asses off i took a step back and havent returned.

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Sounds like you and the league aren’t a good fit, it happens. Have you thought about trying a different league?

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In an 80% of 230 handicap system, the 130-average bowler receives 80 handicap pins per game and would need to bowl 150 (20 pins over average) just to break even with the 230-average bowler.  I find it hard to have any sympathy for a 230-average bowler complaining about a 20 pins per game advantage on paper.    

I never will understand why some people get paranoid over raising the handicap base from the traditional 200 to something like 230 or 240, which better accommodates today's high-end league bowlers. 
As long as the base is more than the highest average in the league, the handicap system is fair to everyone.  The actual handicap scores are inflated with a higher base, but the difference between two bowlers or two teams is mathematically the same, regardless of whether the base is 230, 250 or 300.      

The only problem with any handicap system is when a bowler sustains an average above the handicap base.  For example, in the 80% base 230 mentioned above, 200 scratch = 224 net, 210 scratch = 226 net, 220 scratch = 228 net and 230 scratch = 230 net.  Notice a pattern?  The net increases 2 pins for every 10 pins of average.  So a 240 scratch should be 232 net, right?  However, with the base of 230, a 240 scratch is also a 240 net -- which is 8 bonus pins anyone under the 230 base will not receive.   

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Much analysis over the years has shown that the high average bowler has a big advantage at 80% handicap

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When I  was bowling better I bowled in a 100% of 200 league.I
averaged 225 so I felt like I was being spotted 25 pins a game.

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