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Originally Posted by Dare
Close anyway,but it's still pretty crappy to think you have a big winner
just to wind up[ with a iou.

I lucked into a $10,000 pick 4 about a month ago and paying 3.900 in
taxes was bad enough

Just a quick swim across that little lake.
I don't play the lottery, but around 1980 I was home on leave from the Air Force, and won $5,000 on an instant scratch-off ticket. Very exciting because I was broke...but I was still kind of broke because I had to wait for the check to come in the mail.

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I really dislike the split-season format.  It allows the team winning the first half to coast the rest of the season - and possibly building its handicap a little, too - before the winner-take-all match a few months later.
I much rather prefer a pair of half-season leagues with 15-17 weeks, with full money payout immediately at the end of each half (mid-December and late April).  For the majority of bowlers choosing to participate in both halves, individual averages continue to the restart in January, but team standings and prize score positions must start over at that time.

One advantage of the half-season format is membership flexibility.  Fewer bowlers than ever are willing to make the traditional 35-week winter league time commitment.  Many of them would strongly consider joining either a fall or spring league requiring only a four-month commitment. 

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My league pays $19.25 per point at the end of the season 7 point sys.  each half winner gets $300, roll off winner gets an additional grand.  Not worth coasting.
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