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Just have a question on my ball layout..had this drilled and having trouble getting it to hook..move at all...I throw down the second arrow 15 to 15 and a half mph..this ball seems to now even try to hook..medium to heavy oil..not a cranker by any means..sort of rotate my hand under the ball and finish with my hand like I'm reaching out to shake someone's hand....very disappointed with this ball and wondering if it's drilled wrong for buddy that is right handed threw this ball from his side and it hooked right into the pocket...same speed as I throw it...any help or thoughts would be appreciated

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Did you try adjusting the surface, and making it a little duller to get it to bite a little bit?

My only thought is that without seeing you throw the ball, it's hard to determine what would work best.

I am a righty, but did have a ball a few years ago that I drilled up that I could hardly get to move at all at a certain house, it would react decently at other houses and on different conditions, but sometimes you hit that certain combination of ball/core/layout and a specific house shot, and get nothing at all.

Try bringing the surface down from the out of box condition and see if that works.

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That looks like a Storm ball and it isn't polished.  Your lanes must have a lot of oil in the middle and must be long.  Try moving out and throwing up 7-8 between 1st and 2nd arrow.  If that doesn't work it might be you because that ball with that layout is very hard to throw straight.  How much does it weigh?  Many balls under 13 lbs. don't have a weight block.  Next how do you know you are throwing 15-15.5 MPH?  How old are you are you male or female? 
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Nothing really exotic about this layout. Do you have any other balls. If so do they hook at 10 board. It could be that there is too much oil at 2nd artow for this ball, and your release. Contrary to common belief it is not possible to buy a ball that lets you hook it where you want to make it hook. Unless you are a high reving guy who can blow patterns open from inside the oil pattern dictates where you need to play
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