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Originally Posted by djrickysmith's what I don't know......nothing!!!!!!......I lost cable about 15mins. before the show went on....It's 9pm now and the cable just came back on.     Does anyone have this on a DVR???   > I need a copy ASAP. pleaseeeeeeeee!!! me here...PM me and tell me you DVR this today!!!   ANYONE!!!!   ...I know I'm begging, but I always have bad luck on this stuff!!!!

An "Instant Classic" repeat of the tournament will be shown tonight at 9 PM on ESPN Classic.


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I saw that someone had posted that on my YouTube page.  Only one problem with that, ESPN Classics is not on my cable system.  Thanks for the info.  Keith has sent me a copy.

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It was a great perfomance - I got it on DVD - Probably the best game I have seen for a while on the PBA, But I am old school and like smoother and straighter bowlers.

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I have to say I thought the first female that would of broken through would of been Michelle Feldman - yow! What a bowler!

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Someone posted the Barnes-Kulick match on youtube.
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