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Reply with quote  #1 forum is completely USELESS, so I post this topic here...

I dont believe Robert Mushtare bowled 2 or more 900 series. Where is he now? Even jim hosier who has the most 300s his high is only 878...He says he pre-bowled them which should not be allowed anyway..

Hi Kelly!

I see your response to this topic is now about 3 years old. Nevertheless, it's TOO important a topic to just pass up.

Before I respond, allow me to congratulate you on what is shaping up to most likely be a fine USBC and PWBA HoF career.

If you knew more about the circumstances of this issue, you'ld know the USBC shot themselves in the foot--- yet again. The last significant 'shooting' before this fiasco was in 1982, after they declined Glenn Allisons' 900, witnessed in front of the entire bowling center in La Habra, CA. When I read that the ABC (now USBC) was declining to sanction it in the July 1, 1982 issue of the Akron Beacon Journal, I said BULLSHIT as a 17 year old kid, as I still do now, almost 37 years later.... and counting.

Note: Glenn, a CHARTER member of the PBA, was inducted in the ABC HoF in 1979-- 3 years before he rolled the honor score, and they STILL kicked his 900 out!!! Also, another early PBA alum, Ray Orf, of St. Louis, MO, bowled an 890 in 1972, only to have IT kicked out By ABC for the same DAMNED reason-- non-compliant lane conditions!!!! BULLSHIT!!!!

Since that ‘shooting’, the ABC/WIBC/AJBC/YABA became USBC Men/Women/Youth. They then changed their dumb-ass rule about lane inspections where they closed off a lane pair for inspection after an honor score was rolled and oil carry down occurred, pushing traces of conditioner arbitrarily down lane, only to yield this almost sure to fail outcome for legal amount of oil, to one where they ‘spot-check’ the required number of lanes at a house at the start of the season for the minimum required amount of oil applied on a fresh, not yet bowled on surface on each lane, ensuring an almost sure to PASS outcome, over the ensuing season.

To wrap up what I've since deemed the ‘Allison-Mushtare 900 Fiasco’, I need to point out the facts, plus defend Robert Mushtares’ ability as a bowler, in general, despite NOT having PBA credentials, at the time these scores were bowled and submitted for sanctioning.

First, Mushtare claims 5 900’s rolled in 4 months, all bowled between November 2005 and February 2006 at Fort Drum, NY. He pointed out 2 were bowled in practice, and the other 3 he pre-bowled, submitting the latter 3 to USBC for sanctioning. The first one submitted on his behalf was declined, simply because his league was not yet sanctioned on the date he bowled the scores.

Only after the latter 2 did the USBC do an investigation, only to find no violations under their current rules at the time. They found themselves a victim of their own rules, and had no choice but to approve the scores. As a result, the USBC changed the rule about individual honor scores and ‘bowling out’ (as my sister and I called this when we were kids), so that pre/post bowled scores no longer qualify for individual sanctioning. So, it appears Robert Mushtare WILL be the only bowler in history to have 2 sanctioned 900 3 game series in sanctioned bowling history-- EVER.

Finally, in his defense, I did see footage of him bowling on YouTube some time ago, and he does have a good, loose swing, as USBC Gold Coach Rod Ross has stated. However, coach believes he bowled ALL those 900’s. As for me, I'm with Tim Mack on this, for the most part. Tim doesn't believe he bowled ANY of them. I DID see later that Mushtare averaged well over 200 in a PBA event, which speaks volumes to me.

He MAY have bowled 1 900, but NO WAY on 2 or more, given particularly how volatile resin ‘bomb-balls’ are-- so little damned difference between all 10 in the pit, and that damned solid untouched 9-pin (8 for leftys) on solid pocket hits. Fact is, NO ONE could have been there, ALWAYS watching him bowl ALL 36 consecutive / contiguous strikes ON ALL 5 occasions on those 3 game sets, other than himself.

I have no idea where Robert Mushtare is today, nor have I ever met him.

Finally, this is NOT a dig at his ability, only his multiple 900 claims--nothing else.

Like Forrest Gump said -- ‘... and that's all I have to say about that’.
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