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Whenever I'm looking online I see stroker, tweener, cranker and a description of ball speed. I understand the stroker, tweener and cranker thing but still not sure how fast medium or fast ball speed is. I think of myself as a tweener as I usually start within 5 boards of the middle dot and try to put the ball on boards 12 or 13 at the arrows. I have recently been trying to find a board in relation to the closer dots but have yet to find a good one. When I throw a strike about 85% of the time my ball speed is right around 14.5 give or take a couple tenths. I'm assuming it's a medium ball speed but I'm not sure. Just looking for some clarification. I'm strictly self taught with some pointers from a bowling buddy so anything is welcome. I will try to get a video up here soon so you guys can beat me up with pointers


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Hey, Scorp6. I would interpret ball speed this way:

Stroker- 14.5mph and below (slow)

Tweener- 14.5mph-16.5mph (medium)

Cranker/power player-16.5mph and up (fast)

Of course these are purely my own assessments, and are nothing official. I would be interested in hearing other members interpretations as well.

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