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One of the league bowlers in our house was kind enough and generous enough to offer to purchase three tickets to an upcoming ball demo day to give to three of our junior bowlers.  So rather than just hand them out to three juniors who I thought might be interested in going, I decided to hold a little informal and impromptu after-league competition this past Saturday to let them bowl for them.

We had seven kids go to the starting line.  The format:  Three games.  At the end of Game 1, the low bowler would be eliminated, reducing the field to 6.  After Game 2, the low bowler would be eliminated, reducing the field to 5.  And in the third game, those five bowlers would be vying for three spots into the ball demo day.

This is easily my most ambitious video production with our kids.

Don't worry.  The games are shortened to just a frame or two each.



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Very good always, I enjoyed watching your coverage!!!  

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Really fun to watch thanks for posting!
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