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Breaking - Update:
Late yesterday, the ISBPA Executive Task Force and the ISBPA Legal team reached an agreement with the State of Illinois. This agreement, along with added security measures, will satisfy nearly all of the bowling industry in the State of Illinois and should accommodate the needed league and tournament bowling segment for Illinois bowling centers.
The members of the ISBPA were notified via email late last night of the settlement.
On Wednesday, the Governor released the guidelines for a new "all sports" category, and bowling was moved to that category vs. the "indoor recreation" category where originally placed. In the "all sports" category, bowling is listed as a Low Risk sport vs. all the other sports within the guidelines. Bowling centers will now be governed under the "all sports" category guidelines.
By moving to the "all sports" category, and with some added negotiations, bowling centers will be able to operate at the lesser of 50% capacity or 200 bowlers - understanding some distancing guidelines as it pertains to groups of up to 50. The previous guideline limited bowling to a max of 50 total people in the bowling facility regardless of the size of the center.
In the event the applicable guidelines are changed in the future for all businesses covered by the applicable category (up or down), bowling centers will comply with the amended guidelines.
The ISBPA also agreed to adhere to the ISBPA and BPAA safety guidelines and best practices for sanitation and distancing that were already put in place by the organizations since the beginning of the COVID-19 openings.
This agreement is effective immediately.
A special thank you to Executive Director of the ISBPA, Bill Duff, for leadership of this process as well as ISBPA President, Bill Brennan, and the Executive Task force for their countless hours to accomplish this deal. A thank you is also deserved for the ISBPA Legal Team and the Attorney Generals office for the State of Illinois, DCEO, IDPH, and the Governors office for listening, and learning about bowling and bowling centers and how we can open safely within guidelines and save a much needed industry in Illinois.
Safe, Sanitized, and Ready to Roll. #IllinoisBowlingStrong

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The former Drakeshire Bowling Lanes, now called "The Perfect Game" sent out the following message to its league members:

Hello Perfect Game League Bowlers,


We hope everyone has stayed safe and healthy this Summer. It's now August and normally at this time we're deep into preparations for the upcoming league season. Unfortunately with the COVID-19 pandemic and the Governor's recent Executive Orders prohibiting bowling from resuming, we're unsure yet when this season will start. While we don't know when we'll be allowed to reopen, we wanted to give you an update on what we've been doing to make sure this season is fun and safe for everyone.


First things first, your safety is our biggest priority. We've made investments this Summer to ensure Perfect Game is safe and enjoyable this season:


1. Employee safety: All Perfect Game team members will complete a health screening before their shift starts which will include a temperature check and symptom screening. Team members will be required to wear masks and gloves throughout their shift, and to wash their hands regularly. We have put plexiglass up at all counters and six foot floor markers at all POS stations throughout the building for everyone's safety. As new advancements are made (affordable rapid testing, etc.) we will invest to ensure the health & safety of our team.


2. Cleaning: We have purchased a Covid-19 specific all purpose cleaner called Biocide 100, UV light wands to sanitize surfaces, and a Victory electrostatic sprayer to sanitize shared surfaces/spaces like house balls and the arcade/laser tag area. All of the tables and chairs, the entire ball return and ball rack, and the keyboards at every lane will first be wiped down with Biocide 100 and then be sanitized with UV light before the start of league bowling every week. 


3. Social Distancing & Hand Sanitizer: Tables on the approach will be separated by 6 feet. Masks for bowlers will be required, except when eating/drinking or on the approach bowling. We've purchased 6 hand sanitizer stations that will be placed throughout the building so everyone has easy access to sanitizer. For open bowling, at this point we are likely to operate reservation only to comply with capacity limitations, and leave a lane free on either side of any open bowling group (in addition to the courtesy pair between league and open bowlers). This will reduce the total amount of people in the building while you're bowling.


4. Air Quality: Installation is not yet complete, but we're in the process of purchasing and installing iWave-C bipolar ionization generators throughout our air ducts. As the air flows past the iWave-C, the device emits positive and negative ions, creating a plasma region that actively purifies the supply air, killing mold, bacteria and viruses. The ionization process also reduces allergens, as well as controlling odors in the air without creating ozone or any harmful byproducts. This will ensure that as the air recirculates through the HVAC it's being cleaned and sanitized, and there's no risk of the virus being transported from one end of the building to the other via the air conditioning.


After ensuring your safety, our number 2 priority is getting on the Governor's radar so we can reopen safely. You can assist us with this! We have pre-stamped postcards that need signatures that will go straight to the Governor's office to raise awareness for our industry. If you'd like to sign one I will be at Perfect Game from 3pm-7pm tomorrow and Wednesday collecting signatures.


The cards offer bullet points on the safety and sanitation procedures the bowling industry has put in place, and more information about how our industry contributes to Michigan's economy. It asks that the Governor move bowling from phase 5 of her reopening plan to phase 4 with the same capacity restrictions as regions 6 & 8. If you'd like to sign a postcard please come by.


The most important thing we can do through all of this is communicate. We understand that coming back to bowling this season will be a personal decision for every bowler. We will be ready to welcome everyone back with open arms (from a clean and sanitized six feet away). We will reach out to you individually as we find out about an opening date and we get league meetings set up. 


Please let us know if you have any questions, and stay safe and healthy!

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